A Trip to Mauritius

Mauritius is African island nation in the Indian Ocean. Its known for its beaches, logoon , reefs and natural beauties. Port louis is the capital of Mauritius which can be reached by Air from Delhi, India. The travel time from Delhi to Mauritius is 7.30 hours.

Mauritius is one of the best beach destination I have visited. Such a beautiful calm beaches. Excellent hotel. This country is rich in culture and it’s a Hindu Country.

It was a four night five days trip with family  and one of the most memorable trip of lifetime.

It was a trip to relax, spend time with kids and family. We have done 4 different activities during the trip and experienced them.

Oberois Beach Resort Mauritius 

One on the best resort in Mauritius. Right on the private beach it offer the best view of Indian Ocean. Very big and nicely maintained property.


Private Boat Tour 

Hotel helped us in organizing a private boat cruise for our families. It was a wonderful sea ride with drinks, snacks and music onboard. Kids had a wonderful time.


Submarine Ride 

We experienced Submarine ride by Blue Safari. From a boarding point they will take you in middle of the sea where a submarine is waiting for you. Once you are on board you will dive upto 100 ft.


Helicopter Tour

Helicopter ride by Air Mauritius. It’s a 20 min ride where helicopter will take you over the breath-taking views of Mauritius. You will see complete capital, sea line, mountains. It’s a thrilling experience


Casavela Nature park

This is a nature park where you can see lots of animals, birds and have a walk along with mother nature. Few main attraction here was Giraffe, Lion, Tortoise, Ducks. Cartoon Animal characters that interacts with you. This was wonderful and loved by kids.


After 5 days it’s time to say good back to Mauritius and we have a wonderful relaxing trip and you are on the way back to you home.